Saturday, January 12, 2013

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

I find that Professor Yeong Kim of Perdue has a credible theory to explain the mechanism of low energy nuclear reactions (LENR). Such reactions are absolutely not a violation of thermodynamics, but for them to work at low temperatures, some alternative to brute force for squishing the nuclei together (which implies high velocity to overcome coulombic repulsion) must be found. I find Professor Kim's concept that hydrogen dissolved in a metal may form Bose-Einstein condensates (which are delocalized and can in effect allow a proton or deuteron to tunnel through the coulombic barrier) to be compelling. I am posting Professor Kim's presentation to an LENR workshop in Siena for those who find this intriguing.


  1. Hi,
    Your finding is interesting yet the landscape today if hundred times wider. Kim is proposing one of the few theory (Kim-Zubarev) of LENR that is quite compatible with QM. National instruments according to Concezzi (the boss of Big Science dept at NI).

    I'm the tech watch flooding with data. follow the tags if you are curious...

    The momentum is really huge, yet it is only the beginning, it I expect it will be slower than expected because of many obstacle, and not the one we usually imagine...
    mostly stupidity, cowardliness, conservatism, trust...
    hopefully greed and hubris might help to break the dam of stupidity and cowardliness.

    I hope much from themost professional team, defkalion, yet others like Rossi and Brillouin should not be forgotten.
    Expect also surprise from newcommers like lenr-cars, kresenn, or old apes like Piantelli or Celani...

    Don't hesitate to meet us on linked-in (or viadeo) for professional contacts (low energy nuclear energy, or cold fusion e-cat)

    You would be please to discuss with patent expect David French on

    best regards


    1. Thank You Alain. I did a blog post comment today related to this.

      I was responding to this thread:

      This is depressing yet true. I can see three possible remedies, when the world at large finally gets it and begins to act. One is carbon sequestration on a massive scale through reforestation and the biochar cycle (which is mentioned in these comments already). This will surely be part of the mix when/if we "get our shit together." The other two were not mentioned below: LENR and the supergrid.

      When I first read about LENR ("Low Energy Nuclear Reactions" is certainly a misnomer, as the energy yield per reaction is 3-7 million electron volts, depending on which isotopes react), I had an oddly mixed reaction. I immediately realized that (unlike many fringe technologies) LENR does not violate thermodynamics ( I have no problem rejecting concepts that violate energy conservation or the second law of thermodynamics!). There are also numerous highly skilled nuclear theoreticians (example: Professor Yeong Kim of Perdue) who have worked out credible theories to describe the phenomenon. No other single phenomenon could put the brakes on fossil fuel use as fast as an LENR breakthrough. So why was I conflicted? Because I have devoted my life to another important technology that could also be a major part of how we adapt to climate change, the supergrid concept. LENR sounds like science fiction, and it greatly reduces the need for a supergrid, if it works out.

      The supergrid is the other major thing that could mostly eliminate our dependence on fossil fuels, but only after a huge investment is made. I am sticking with my role as primarily working on the supergrid, yet I sincerely hope that LENR works out, because it can be deployed faster. My particular contributions to the supergrid puzzle are elpipes ( and Ballistic Breakers ( We need action on many levels; I believe that, in addition to being politically aware, we should each have our piece of the puzzle to work on...

    2. Thanks Alain. I found out about LENR from Jim Dunn, and I hope I can play a role through him.

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