Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Inventions which are for sale

Examples of technologies in which I hold proprietary and/or patentable information:
  • Pressure-certified microballoons to enable stronger syntactic foam
  • Advanced syntactics with higher strength/density ratio
  • wood-like composites with good nail-ability and low creep rate
  • advanced VIP (vacuum insulated panel) cores
  • Dynamic vulcanizates (DVs), including thermoplastic elastomers 
  • rubber-rubber dynamic vulcanizates with low die-swell, and high green strength which vulcanize to low fatigue elastomers suitable for peristaltic tubing
  • elastomer cure system components
  • Reactive polymer processing, including elastomer graft modification 
    • Specifically, I know how to economically make maleic anhydride grafted butyl rubber (IIR)
  • carpet recycling
  • Rubber grinding to particle sizes below 40 microns
  • nanocomposites, especially for electrical insulation, permeation resistance, or electrical conductivity.
I would be willing to discuss any of these inventions under NDA.

Custom Lab Services Offered

I have an ongoing relationship with several independent labs: where I can still pursue polymer projects as PI (principal Investigator) on my own, via consulting, or if the project calls for for lab services, I have relationships with several independent labs, including Associated Polymer Labs (polymer composites), and also with Neo-Advent Technologies, Inc. for projects requiring chemical synthesis.
Between these two labs, I can deliver various analytical services, including:
  1. Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), including modulated mode measurement of thermal diffusivity
  2. TGA (thermogravimetric analysis)
  3. Fourrier transform IR (infrared) spectroscopy
  4. UV/Visible spectroscopy
  5. HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography)
  6. Ion beam sputtering based mass spec
  7. GC (gas chromatography) with mass spectrometry detector
  8. Mechanical spectrometer (Rheometrics) with temperature sweep
Both APL and Neo-Advent have great instrumentation; I can access the testing capabilities of both labs for any project where I am PI, and I can arrange testing at the same rate they would quote if you called them directly. And, if you buy the testing through me, I'll give you some expert help; not just interpreting the data, but helping you solve your underlying problem. If it turns into a research project, I am available to be Principle Investigator on polymer R&D topics using the facilities of these independent laboratories 

Here is my polymer-focused resume.