Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Inventions which are for sale

Examples of technologies in which I hold proprietary and/or patentable information:
  • Pressure-certified microballoons to enable stronger syntactic foam
  • Advanced syntactics with higher strength/density ratio
  • wood-like composites with good nail-ability and low creep rate
  • advanced VIP (vacuum insulated panel) cores
  • Dynamic vulcanizates (DVs), including thermoplastic elastomers 
  • rubber-rubber dynamic vulcanizates with low die-swell, and high green strength which vulcanize to low fatigue elastomers suitable for peristaltic tubing
  • elastomer cure system components
  • Reactive polymer processing, including elastomer graft modification 
    • Specifically, I know how to economically make maleic anhydride grafted butyl rubber (IIR)
  • carpet recycling
  • Rubber grinding to particle sizes below 40 microns
  • nanocomposites, especially for electrical insulation, permeation resistance, or electrical conductivity.
I would be willing to discuss any of these inventions under NDA.

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