Monday, March 14, 2011

Rethink Technologies, Inc. (MA C-corp) is Closing up Shop

I have managed to stay alive since 2004 operating as Rethink Technologies, a Massachusetts Company I formed with financing from Dick Mastromatteo, a serial entrepreneur who made money on a few of his startups (Cri-Tech and Ixion), but lost money on many other investments, sadly including my company as well. I now have no option but to liquidate Rethink Technologies, Inc. of MA. I am looking for a job.

link to my polymer-focused resume:

I am also offering this longer CV that includes all my publications:

I am still able to do custom research for clients. If the work does not require laboratory access (such as writing a patent, or developing an IP position), you can deal with me as an individual consultant (email me at <>). I also have a deal to work as a PI (principle investigator) for Associated Polymer Labs, using their lab facilities and technicians, where that fits. If you have a project in mind where my talent and knowledge would be very useful, but there needs to be a lab component to the project too, you should speak with Jim Zwynenburg <> at Associated Polymer Labs (; any development project in which I use Associated Polymer Labs equipment will be contracted through them. Examples of projects that I have previously proposed which are still very promising include these:
  • Pressure-certified microballoons;
  • Advanced syntactics
  • wood-like composites with good nail-ability and low creep rate
  • advanced VIP panel cores
  • fluoropolymer-based rubber & plastic blends, including both thermoplastic elastomer rubber-plastic dynamic vulcanizates and low die-swell, high green strength rubber-rubber dynamic vulcanizates;
  • elastomer cure system development
  • Reactive polymer processing, including approaches based on internal mixers, extruders, and polymerization of liquids (such as especially reaction wave polymerization)
  • nanocomposites, especially for electrical insulation, permeation resistance, or electrical conductivity.