Sunday, November 17, 2013

I can help you with patents

Rethink Technologies was previously a polymer development lab and a "C" corporation, but since 2011, I have been consulting using the name only (DBA). I can write a great patent application for you, but only under specific conditions. I have several US Patents and patent applications you could read to test my skill. Since I am neither an attorney nor a patent agent, I cannot legally do this as a service; however, if I am a co-inventor, I can write and file the patent and be paid for that; this is the nature of my service.

If you are interested in my services for patent writing, I will sign an NDA with you before we discuss your idea/invention. If I can think of some patentable tweak to your invention, then we can make a deal. In this case, I'll offer to write the patent (including my patentable contribution) & assign my co-inventor rights to you for a fee that I will quote at that time. I will only reveal the patentable tweak that makes it a co-invention if you agree to my proposal. As part of the proposal, I'll assign my co-invention rights to you (as long as you pay the bill). It is much less expensive to have a patent attorney review a patent than it is to have him draft it, and I do recommend that you have such a review before filing a full patent. In the case of a provisional patent (the normal first step), I do not usually recommend having an attorney review it prior to filing.

You can check my recent patent filings by going to this website and search for "IN:(Faulkner, Roger W.)"

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